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Claudine Sorel | New York

About Claudine

  • 1998-2007 : "Les Caprices de Claudine"
  • 2010: The "French Postman Bag" original concept
  • 2010-2011: In development and first POSTES special edition
  • 2012: Made in Manhattan
  • 2014: Launch of "Claudine Sorel"

1998-2007 : "Les Caprices de Claudine"

French born, Claudine Sorel  is a Parisian designer who always had three passions: art, fashion and golf (she made it to the Finals of the French National juniors Championship) and the culinary industry (she graduated from the prestigious École Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland on July 1980).

But it was only in her early forties that Claudine dedicated her time to her real passion: art and fashion.  

In 1998, after a trip to Paris to learn the art of patina on 18th century furniture, Claudine launched her first furniture and lamp business in Bulgaria where she lived for a few years.

In late 2003, during a dinner held at the French Embassy in Sofia, Claudine met Mr. Mark Bloomfield,a Washingtonian businessman. Loving care resulted in Claudine marrying Mark and moving to Washington, DC.

In 2007, Claudine founded “Les Caprices de Claudine” her first online business, specializing in home decoration with products imported from France and bronze sculptures designed by her and produced in Bulgaria by Nikolai Litchkov, a talented Bulgarian artist whom she admired.

Claudine’s clients have included The Thomas Jefferson Hotel, Washington, DC, for the linen tablecloths she designed with the famous “Le Jacquard Français”.

2010: The "French Postman Bag" original concept

In 2010, Claudine ‘met’ for the first time with the authentic French Postman Bag: a genuine leather mailbag used for centuries by the French Post Services in France. She entirely redesigned this classic with luxurious materials and adapted it for contemporary women.

This second “love at first sight” led to the present Claudine Sorel brand, characterized by the POSTES bag, Claudine’s first luxurious line of bags designed for women. 

But before that, a few episodes have punctuated the creation of the brand Claudine Sorel and the POSTES bag line. 

2010-2011: In development and first POSTES special edition

After redesigning the authentic French Postman bag it took Claudine Sorel few years before achieving the first viable luxurious version of the POSTES bag.

In 2011, Claudine Sorel met with a very talented women based in San Francisco recognized for her superior quality of work in the leather industry. Together, they teamed-up and created a few samples of the POSTES bag (see San Francisco collection”) including some POSTES in alligator resulting in a unique richly tactile sensation. Some of these bags are worn by celebrities including Brooke Shields, Lady Gaga and the New York stylist June Ambrose.

At that time, each order was 100% bespoke and a few months were required to complete each POSTES bag.

As Claudine Sorel stated, "POSTES is a reflection of the centuries old tradition in leather craftsmanship. I am bringing it back to life with new luxury materials.”

2012: Made in Manhattan

In 2012 Avril Saunder, the Chief operating officer for Carlos Falchis’ group joined the team. Thanks to Avril’s knowledge, broad experience, wide network and admirable recognition in this competitive area , Claudine has been able to put back the POSTES bag on track. The collection is now all produced in Manhattan, NY.

2014: Launch of "Claudine Sorel"

As of 2013, the POSTES bag has been produced in New York. Each color is offered in very limited editions of 1 to 5 pieces. They are entirely handmade and crafted with Loving care. Claudine continues to select the hides herself among the most prestigious tanners from France, Italy and Spain.

With her new POSTES line, Claudine Sorel is definitely playing among the most prestigious brands of the luxury handbag industry and is in constant research for innovations and quality.

"POSTES is my passion and I love its DNA!" says Claudine. "This reinvention will showcase my reputation for electrifying design."

Claudine is proud to announce that she became a US citizen in August 2013. She is also proud of the high end quality of her new handbag line ,100% MADE IN NEW YORK (see our video Our Label), all based on her French designs.

Claudinee Sorel | New York